We seek to capture maximum growth potential without sacrificing risk, so you have the confidence to stay invested.

It’s the fastest and most scalable digital asset, enabling real-time trading from anywhere in the world. Today the world trades more than $5.4 trillion* globally. Yet, the underlying infrastructure is dated and flawed. ForeignExchangeLLC connects novice investors to Foreign Exchange via Broker “FxChoice” to provide one frictionless experience to help everyone make money globally.

Built for investors, ForeignExchangeLLC provides a reliable, on-demand option to source an extra stream of income.

Our firm made our clients over 120% ROI yearly on their investments compare to S&P 500 companies.

Many retirees bank on getting income from their stock holdings in the form of dividends. Sure, that’s a known and safe way to make some income over time. But consider this…In 2017, your “safe retirement income” with the biggest American stocks would have only been a paltry 1.84%.That means…If you had $55,000 in retirement savings…You would get a measly $1,028.And that’s for an entire YEAR. Can you live on that? Never in a million years!That’s only $85 a month. You can barely get dinner for you and your spouse at a decent restaurant for that money. Now, if you had put those same $55,000 in “ForeignExchangeLLC Firm”…Your income would have risen to more than $66,000.







Why invest with us?

Cash in on the fastest-growing sector in America

Here’s how it works… “ForeignExchangeLLC” is not a regular businesses like Mutual funds or Hedge funds. We don’t have access to our clients funds. The function is simple… Our Broker helps our company and our clients by managing critical infrastructure for us. For example… With our vast clients and over 3 million invested. We are the single largest Forex Firm in the world… And we use our clients dollars to trade on their behalf, and it’s also the most responsive strategy in the world. What if we told you that you have full control over your dollars… By connecting your account to our master account through a Forex broker. Every single year, you could collect a piece of a pie from a $5.4 Trillion dollar market. Some of that profits went to Diana A., a retiree from Texas. She collected $5,080 from “investing,” in addition to what she received in Social Security payments. Or James G., who received $5,244 overall. Randy A. says he already collected $5,675 from this investment. Our “Firm” is known to be the most secure investment for any investor can dream of. Simply put, there is almost NO way you will ever stop receiving income. After all, you know how “diligent” we are about making our clients money, because we don’t make any penny if we don’t make our clients profit. The more return we make to our clients, the more commissions we make. Also, most of these terms are set up as long term investments. Which means you’re basically certain to receive regular income for years to come. The amount depends completely on how much you choose to invest. And remember… Our “Firm” is legally required to distribute at least 75% of its profits to our investors (that would be you), you’d be cashing in a vast majority of its returns. Let me repeat that…By law, this Firm is NOT allowed to pay out less than 75% of its profits. But it doesn’t stop there…

In just 10 years, you would have made an additional $1,423,202 in safe, reliable income

Just imagine how this money could make your life easier…Would you be able to pay off all your remaining debt? Would you travel more or buy your kids and grandkids expensive gifts? Whatever it is, this is not just money you hold short term and then lose it all again. As I said before, this is not a quick-rich scheme. This is one of the safest ways to collect additional retirement income today. As I mentioned, investors received returns up to 125% last year. Look at the difference this could make in your bank account… If you invest $100,000 a year in our “Forex” investments programs, you could now get an additional $10,000 monthly, all hands free. If you invest $1,000,000 a year in “Forex,” you could make an additional $100,000 monthly. And if you invest $5,000,000 a year in “Forex,” you could get an additional $500,000 a year! All of those investments profits could go straight into your bank account… starting around from next month, if you want. But rest assured…You can set yourself up to getting paid every month or yearly. So if you want to learn how to stop being exposed to the whims of the market… And start cashing in regular income of up to $10,600… Every single month… On top of your Social Security check… Keep reading, because I’m about to reveal how you can…


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