Terms and Conditions

Funding Capital

We provide a funded account with a UK FCA Broker. You do not require any funds of your own. The account and all funds remain ours. We give you the login credentials and full access to the account. In return we will share equally with you the profits you make. At the same time you are not liable for any losses you may have.

Trading Platform

We will provide you with a live MT4 trading platform.

Buying Power

Our buying power is kept $150,000 for Pro and $75,000 for Lite. This level forces a trader to develop real trading skills and to helps trader become a consistent trader.

Trading Loss Liability

Psychology plays a very big part in trading success. Fear of unlimited personal loss, fear of personal ruin, fear of running out of capital are the various thought processes that overcome traders with unwanted and harmful emotions. Having access to funded accounts without personal liability is a very big step towards objective trading. This is one of the main motivators behind the ForeignExchnageLLC Project

50/50 Profit Split

Profit sharing allows the trader to be part of a team. Our interests are your interests. We are on your side.

Trading Hours

6am-9pm Our trading hours correspond to the London and New York market sessions Monday - Friday 6am to 9pm UK time.

10% Draw-down

The only parameter we insist on is the maximum amount of loss before we conclude that the relationship is not working. Beyond 10% loss most traders should take a big break and reconsider the whole thing.

Overnight Position

Overnight positions are available to our experienced Pro Traders only.

Account Growth

For most retail traders, turning the corner to profitability is just the start of a long journey. As there is always a cost associated with trading, making a profit regularly is not enough. One has to grow an account balance to increase profitability after the corner is turned. However most traders would need to withdraw profits to pay for expenses.

Therefore there is a payoff between withdrawing profits or increasing the account balance in order to take bigger positions and realise bigger profits. Its very hard to do both without taking excessive risk (usually by increasing leverage).

Withdrawal Schedule

Our professional traders get paid once a month like any regular job. This brings a certain stability to the sometimes chaotic lifestyle of the trader. The monthly accounting period helps traders set their goals and target realistic outcomes. All traders must achieve +10% ROI monthly on their initial capital, in order to place a withdrawal request of 5%. ($25,000 capital profit target is $2500, $1250 can be withdrawn) ($50,000 funding profit target is $5000, $2500 can be withdrawn)

Trading Support

Why trade alone? Benefit from top trader insights, risk management calculator and a knowledgeable trading community right behind you when you need it most.

Trading Pairs

You can trade any of 28 major and minor currency pairs plus Gold from your PC or your mobile devices.

Processing Days

We are open Monday-Friday (9AM-6Pm)

Account verification and funding takes 1-3 business days.


All Pro traders grow their account balances by receiving an injection of capital at set intervals.

Stage 1

All traders start with a $50K trading book, regardless of their background, experience or track record. We give all our traders an equal opportunity to prove themselves as a profitable trader. Profit withdrawals of 5% blocks are independent from the growth targets of 10%.

Stage 2

If you can make a 10% return on your $50K trading book – growing your account to $55k, we will double your initial funding to $100k, or $105k net. The 10% amount of $5k must be maintained in the account and may not be withdrawn. This is independent of any 5% profit withdrawals. Traders have to separately maintain the 10% for the growth target. The order cap of 0.5 is removed.

Stage 3

If you can make another 10% return on your $100K trading book – growing your account to $115k net, then we will double your account value once again, up to $200k, or $215k net. Again, the $15k amount must be kept in the account. Trades may opened outside London trading hours.

Stage 4

For the final stage, you must make 10% once again on your $200K trading book, giving you a net of $235k. If you can succeed here we will allocate $1 Million to you and you will become one of our fund managers.

You can withdraw 5% profit withdrawals at anytime. However, if you withdraw any part of the growth amounts retained along the way your account will be rolled back to the lower levels. Therefore, you may withdraw your share of the retained profit at any point of this path, however you will not be able to grow further without reaching the net figures for each stage.

You will not be rolled back to lower funding levels unless you breach the mandatory 10% drawdown limit