We seek to deliver maximum Funding, so you have the confidence to keep trading.

Forex is the fastest and most scalable digital asset, enabling real-time trading from anywhere in the world. Today the world trades more than $5.4 Trillion globally. Yet, the underlying infrastructure is dated and flawed. ForeignExchangeLLC connects novice investors to Forex Trading and provide one frictionless experience to help traders become consistent and profitable.

Built for Traders, ForeignExchangeLLC provides a reliable, on-demand option to source an extra stream of income.

Our traders made consistent return yearly on their portfolio compare to other Traders.

Many traders aim to get high returns from their small investments. Sure, that’s known to be a quick way to make some income over time. But consider this…In 2020, “small investments” with the biggest profitable month would have only been 5-10%. That means…If you had $500 in trading, and without over-leveraging, You would get a measly 120% ROI. And that’s $500 for an entire YEAR! Can you live on that? Never in a million years! That’s only $41.66 a month. You can barely get dinner for you and your spouse at a decent restaurant for that money. Now, if you had Forex Funding. Your account would have risen to $100,000 a year later.








  • $25,000 FUNDING
  • LITE
  • 1:3 Leverage
  • -5% Max daily loss -10% Max daily loss
  • $625 per payout
  • $75,000 buying power
  • No account growth
  • Intraday only
  • 28 currency pairs & Gold
  • $50,000 FUNDING
  • PRO
  • 1:3 Leverage
  • -5% Max daily loss -10% Max daily loss
  • $1,250 per payout
  • $150,000 buying power
  • Account growth
  • Overnight allowed
  • 28 currency pairs & Gold